North Sea Futures

In 2017, I took the initiative to found North Sea Futures Denmark IVS together with Michael Brinch-Pedersen, Brinch Management ApS. North Sea Futures  is an independent, not-for-profit company and network organisation. We envision that a future resilient North Sea is based on more intelligent design and management of offshore structures and smarter funding mechanisms for ecosystem restoration and sustainable use of its resources.

Our mission is to:

  • Stimulate and contribute to a well-informed debate of the potential nature and environmental benefits that could be achieved by taking a more flexible approach to the management, reuse and decommissioning of offshore structures;
  • Inspire innovation in the offshore energy sector that helps to make the best possible use of natural resources in line with the principles of a circular economy and maximizes ecosystem services provided by offshore structures;
  • Establish an independent fund or other organisational structure to ensure that a more flexible approach to decommissioning of offshore structures would generate maximum benefits for the environment and society in general.

Platforms Naturally!

In the autumn of 2015, ENGIE E&P Nederland B.V. en EBN took the initiative to develop a research pilot project to explore the technical, legal and societal possibilities for the repurposing of two offshore oil and gas structures into an artificial reef and/or test location for innovative approaches to restoration of North Sea ecosystems. Together with Bopp Solutions en Moes Ruimte & Omgeving, Eco-Effective Strategies forms part of a consortium led by MSG Sustainable Strategies. The consortium closely cooperates with ENGIE and EBN in shaping stakeholder engagement, communications and governance and supports ENGIE and EBN by coordinating research and other activities in the design phase.  For more information, please visit the websites of ENGIE or MSG.

Circular Energy

Circular Energy is a Dutch start-up that wants to provide clean power from natural gas and advance a stable, climate-neutral energy supply. My role as advisory board member focuses on stakeholder engagement, public affairs and sustainability issues. My motivation for joining the advisory board is that I believe that Circular Energy provides fascinating opportunities for carbon-neutral exploitation of natural gas, which could serve as a stabilizer of offshore wind power production and hence as an alternative to e.g. coal-fired power stations.

Dialogue on Biomass in the New Economy

The use of biomass as a resource is a highly controversial issue. Together with DR2Consultants, I worked to restore a constructive dialogue about this topic. One of our objectives was to create a widely-supported message to the Dutch energy transition ‘tables’ on how to make sustainable use of biomass. If you want to know more, please contact me.

Milieu Centraal

Stichting Milieu Centraal was founded in 1998 as an independent organization aimed at informing consumers about how they can best contribute to a healthy environment: what can consumers do to save energy, to reduce their climate footprint, to save water, recycle waste, etc. The organization is primarily government funded, but independent from government opinions. 
My role as interim manager in 2018 was to coordinate and facilitate the research team  developing and maintaining the knowledge base needed to provide consumers with solid advice, by co-developing work scopes for new topics, identifying critical topics and helping to ensure consistency of methodology.