North Sea Futures

North Sea Futures is an independent, not-for-profit company and network organisation, founded by Anne-Mette Jørgensen (Director) and Michael Brinch-Pedersen. We do not work with a fixed group of staff, but seek to involve experts on relevant issues on an ad-hoc basis.

We envision that a future resilient North Sea is based on more intelligent design and management of offshore structures and smarter funding mechanisms for ecosystem restoration and sustainable use of its resources.

Our mission is to

  • Stimulate and contribute to a well-informed debate of the potential nature and environmental benefits that could be achieved by taking a more flexible approach to the management, reuse and decommissioning of offshore structures;
  • Inspire innovation in the offshore energy sector that helps to make the best possible use of natural resources in line with the principles of a circular economy and maximizes ecosystem services provided by offshore structures;
  • Develop and demonstrate a next best practise in decommissioning (and general management) of offshore energy installations that maximizes ecosystem and wider societal benefits;
  • Establish an independent fund or other organisational structure to ensure that a more flexible approach to decommissioning of offshore structures would generate maximum benefits for the environment and society in general.

In the first place, we focus on the North Sea and Danish seas. Though we kick off as a Danish non-profit organisation, we have the ambition to grow into an international initiative with partnerships in all North Sea countries and possibly even beyond.

Activities 2018: International Forum on Offshore and Marine Ecosystems (IFOME)

Our activities are fully determined by our mission, our assessment of what we need to do now, to best serve this mission and our ability to raise funds for our activities, without loosing our independence of sectoral interests.

In 2018, we will be working to set up an International Forum on Offshore and Marine Ecosystems (IFOME), which brings together research, NGOs, industry and government during 2018-2023. It’s purpose is to find feasible solutions for how to protect and strengthen marine ecosystems under offshore energy development and transition.

IFOME’s focus is on the North Sea and on ecosystem services. We envisage a 5-year programme with annual summits, where new research and experience from pilot projects in both offshore wind and oil and gas are brought together. In between, North Sea Futures and other partners will work to communicate results, learnings and dilemmas to the wider public and to set up learning and capacity building tools for non-technical stakeholders.  If you are interested in supporting this initiative as a partner, please contact us.