The Living North Sea Initiative (LiNSI)

Since 2010, I have been leading the Living North Sea Initiative (LiNSI). The Living North Sea Initiative (LiNSI) is a North Sea wide, science-based, multi-stakeholder project that aims to explore and facilitate implementation of new opportunities for restoring a healthy and rich North Sea ecosystem. LiNSI is inspired by Rigs-to-Reef and ecosystem restoration programmes elsewhere in the world. It explores whether it might be possible to both reduce decommissioning costs and protect the ecosystems that have developed on and around oil and gas structures (steel jackets), and then to use part of these cost-savings to invest in active ecosystem protection and the transition to sustainable use of marine resources.

cropped-Naamloos.pngThe mission of the LiNSI programme is to:

Catalyse protection, restoration and the transition to sustainable use of the North Sea

Allow for decommissioning to be done in the best way for environment and safety

Facilitate open collaboration and knowledge sharing between stakeholders across the North Sea to develop innovative policies and business models.

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